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Welcome to my own little corner of the internet.  It's not much now, but I'll try to add content and post updates as time allows.

I'll try to try to keep things interesting around here, but let's face it: My life isn't all that exciting.

What's New?

10/11/2005:  We did it! Mika and I completed the summer long section-hike of the tully Trail. Notes about the hike can be found on the Hiking Journal Page.
8/25/2005:  I found my old paper hiking journal, so I posted the dates of my original 48 NH 4ks on the Hiking Journal Page.
8/18/2005: Well, the Tripod ads were not only intrusive, but they were messing with the page style, leaving large blank spaces everywhere. I changed the design, which I like even though it may look a little fruity... Not that there's anything wrong with that.

7/15/2005: A site is born. Hopefully I can get it to grow. Check back soon...

Smitty with Skeezix riding shotgun while crossing the Alpine Garden on Mount Washington

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